The continuation of the road from York to West-Chester

from Britannia, Volume the First. published by John Ogilby 1675. 13 1/8" x 17 1/4". covering the road from Warrington to West Chester and the branch from Manchester, via Stockport and Buxton,  to Derby.

A strong, uncoloured impression, as issued, of plate no. 90 from Ogilby's monumental survey of the roads of England and Wales. Covering about 7500 miles and undertaken in his late sixties, it marked the culmination of an extraordinary life encompassing the careers of dancing master, theatre impresario, translator, poet, bookseller, surveyor, cartographer and publisher. Taken at a consistent scale of 1 inch to the mile it revealed the detailed skeleton of the country previously only hinted at : hedges, walls, bridges, hills, streams, fields, houses - even gallows. Britannia was commercially successful and as a result, heavily plagiarised; but gave Ogilby, who died in 1676, the lasting recognition that his efforts deserved.

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